WSIB may cover the costs of health services provided to injured workers by some health disciplines, such as physiotherapists, chiropractors and massage therapists. A valid claim number is required to access these services.

If you were injured at work and have developed symptoms that are affecting your ability to carry out your normal job duties, it is recommended that you report the incident to your employer as soon as possible. Your employer must fill out the appropriate forms acknowledging that your injury was sustained at the workplace

Your next step is that you must see your medical doctor or chiropractor in order to determine the nature of the injury, take x-rays if required. If appropriate a treatment plan may be developed which requires approval of the WSIB. A nurse case manager/adjudicator will be assigned to your case to determine if medical treatment can be authorized. Once your claim has been approved, Achieva Health can submit bills to WSIB directly for authorized health care services.

If your condition is such that you cannot continue to work, your health care worker and the WSIB nurse case manager will decide on a return-to-work plan including length of time off of work, what you can do or can't do and the number of hours you may work until full recovery. Up to 12 weeks of treatment is usually allowed.

Program of Care- Acute Low Back Injuries (within 4 weeks of injury)
The WSIB may fund a special "Program of Care" for Acute Low Back Injuries provided the worker is seen with the first 4 weeks following injury. This program is an evidence-based health care delivery plan that describes treatment shown to be effective for injured workers with a soft tissue, uncomplicated, acute low back injury. Acute refers to injuries with symptoms within the first four weeks of the injury.

Program of Care for Lower Extremity Injuries (within 4 weeks of injury)
The WSIB may fund a special "Program of Care for Lower Extremity Injuries" provided the injured worker is seen within 4 weeks post injury. This program is an evidence-based health care delivery plan that describes treatments shown to be effective for workers diagnosed with an acute ankle sprain, an anterior knee injury (with patellar tendinopathy or patello-femoral syndrome) or reoccurrence.

If you have been injured at work and require physiotherapy, please contact us at Achieva Health to find out if you are eligible for one of the treatment programs funded by the WSIB.

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