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Physiotherapy – Convalescent Care

Achieva Health is the largest provider of physiotherapy and rehabilitation services for Convalescent Care in Ontario. In order to “free” up beds in hospitals, the Ministry of Health provides funding for Convalescent Care specifically for seniors who are recovering following surgery or serious illness.

These Convalescent Care Programs are usually located within LTC Homes. Achieva Health has developed physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs specifically devoted to helping patients recuperate and return to their homes. Achieva Health’s team of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, and credentialed PT/OTA assistants work in conjunction with physicians, nurses and other health care staff to accelerate patient recovery.

Most seniors convalescent care programs are delivered in Long Term Care facilities and are covered under OHIP however there is a growing trend in Retirement Homes to also offer Convalescent Care Programs or Transitional Care to residents/ clients following surgery or serious illness. Achieva Health maintains Physiotherapists in over 150 Long Term Care and Retirement Homes across Ontario and offers Convalescent Care programs in an increasing number of them. The company has over 120 beds devoted to Convalescent Care in a number of LTC and Retirement facilities.

For more information on any of our Convalescent Care programs please call us at 416-489-8888 or email us at info@achievaHealth.ca.