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Courses Of Action

If you have sustained injuries as a result of being involved in a car accident, there are two courses of action that you can take depending on whether you have Private Extended Health Insurance or not.

With Private Extended Health Insurance:

If you have private extended health insurance that covers any treatment you are receiving through Achieva Health, Ontario motor vehicle insurance companies require that you claim through extended health care plan first. Any additional costs will be covered (with approval) by your automobile insurance plan.

In this case, with your authorization, we may send claims to your extended health care plan on your behalf. Your motor vehicle insurer will require documentation outlining coverage by your extended health care benefits, so you may be asked to bring in this paperwork to the clinic. This documentation will allow us to bill any unpaid amounts to your motor vehicle insurer.

Without Private Extended Health Insurance:

If you do not have any private extended health insurance which covers physiotherapy, chiropractic therapy and/or massage therapy, your treatments can be billed directly through your motor vehicle accident insurance company.

If you have symptoms arising from a car accident and want to find out if your insurer will fund your treatment at Achieva Health, please call. Let our trained professionals assist you with all your funding options. We can be reached at 416-489-8888 or by email at info@achievaHealth.ca.