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Fitness is often overlooked as one of the key factors that enhances health and leads to a feeling of well being.

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Regardless of age, physical fitness is essential for proper health. Achieva Health promotes a return to fitness through a series of SmartFit30 programs for people of all ages. We have the equipment, staff and programs that will help you re-capture the "energy" that comes with an improvement in fitness. Our programs can be completed within 30 minutes in an environment that is professional and guided by health practitioners.

Childhood obesity is becoming more and more prevalent in our society. Video games, fast food, computer games and TV all contribute to this problem. Statistics indicate that more than 60% of today's kids do not participate in organized physical activity outside of school. Lack of exercise is a likely contributor to the dramatic increase in type II diabetes among children, along with rising complaints of fatigue and loss of energy.

Health Canada recommends that teens under age 17 participate in at least 60 minutes a day of physical activity. Yet more than half of Canadian young adults do not reach this goal. Furthermore, obesity in children and teenagers has tripled in the last seven years, with these individuals growing up to be overweight adults at an increased risk for disease. Teenage girls are the most affected by this trend, with the lowest participation rates in sports and fitness programs than any other group.

Achieva Health is taking steps to reverse this trend with our SmartFit30 Teen Program. Designed for teenagers, our exercise and healthy eating plan encourages positive self-esteem, active social lives and a healthy body image, to allow teenagers to grow into healthy adults.

Many women feel they are too busy working and raising families to find time to exercise. When they do find time, they feel intimidated at the prospect of going to a fitness centre. The result is a loss of fitness and energy, and an increase in weight and feeling of fatigue.

Achieva Health recognises these issues and had developed a program specifically for women who are looking to improve their personal health. Whether your goals include weight loss, improved muscle tone, increased cardiovascular endurance, pre or post natal fitness, rehabilitation, or overall health, we can tailor our programs to match your needs. Our SmartFit30 Women Program requires only 30 minutes of your time in a professional and relaxed environment.

Seniors want to improve their mobility and function so they can remain independent and enjoy their retirement years. They are intimidated by modern day fitness clubs and the "spandex" crowd.

Exercise, and in particular strength training, has been shown to improve muscle mass, balance and functional mobility in older adults. It provides significant psychological benefits as well as improved and more independent lifestyle. Senior's fitness can reduce hospital admissions and disabilities. Exercise has demonstrated positive effects on blood pressure, cardiovascular conditioning and bone density.

Achieva Health recognises the importance of improving fitness in seniors and has developed the SmartFit30 Seniors Program. This program is safe, medically supervised by health professionals and will produce significant gains for those committed to the 30 minute programs.

Sports Injuries
One of the advantages of having an in-house fitness centre is that we can provide medically supervised training programs to help athletes recover from sports injuries. Athletes find that close medical supervision from a Sports Injury Management Specialist helps hasten recovery times through proper exercise form, resistance and duration.

The Achieva Health Fitness Centre is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art exercise equipment including specially designed hydraulic fitness machines developed by PACE. Our SmartFit30 programs run throughout the day so why not call and arrange a complimentary visit today. You may contact us at 416-489-8888 or email us at

Beneficial for:

• Improved body composition
• Higher self-esteem
• Increased energy
• More

• Weight management
• Improved muscle tone
• Pre and Post Natal Fitness
• More

• Improved Sleep
• Lower Blood Pressure
• Lower Cholesterol
• Prevention of Injuries
• Weight Management
• More

Sports Injury Training
• Knee injuries
• Rotator cuff tears
• Muscle strains
• More

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