Nutritional Counselling

Numerous studies have determined that eating habits are a major contributor in the development of certain chronic diseases such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Changes in diet can help to both treat and prevent these conditions. For example, lowering caloric intake can reduce body weight. Reducing cholesterol and fat ingestion and adding whole grains to your diet can decrease plaque build-up in the arteries reducing the risk of developing heart disease or a stroke. Cutting down the consumption of simple sugars can prevent diabetes, while high fibre diets can help control diabetes once it has developed.

Every person is unique and requires individual attention when developing a diet and nutritional supplement program to match their special needs especially if they are battling disease or life threatening physical conditions. Naturopaths are specially trained in Clinical Nutrition and can develop a dietary strategy that recognizes a person's unique characteristics and lifestyle.

Is Clinical Nutrition Right for Me?
Nutrition may be the answer to controlling or reversing many diseases including obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. The following is a listing of how people may benefit from Nutritional Counselling:
Weight Loss:
Patients that are looking lose weight naturally and safely while maintaining proper nutrient and caloric intake. They recognize the value of a customized dietary and supplement program tailored to their specific body types and administered under the supervision of a regulated Nutritional health care professional.
Pregnant women who are concerned that their existing diet may not be appropriate during their pregnancy and wish to optimize it for an easier birth and healthier baby. For example, studies have shown that eating small amounts of fish in pregnancy may protect against early delivery and low birth weight infants. (Olsen SF, Secher NJ. Low consumption of seafood in early pregnancy as a risk factor for preterm delivery: a prospective cohort study. BMJ. 2002;324:447)
Athletic Performance:
Athletes wishing to improve physical performance including speed, energy and endurance.
Drug Alternatives:
Patients that have a range of symptoms that they have been unable to address on their own and are not comfortable with the idea of taking drugs.
Patients that have been diagnosed with an illness and are looking for alternative strategies for treatment.
Patients entering or recovering from surgery and would like to enhance recovery times.
People who would like to enhance and extend their lives with an emphasis on quality of life. A healthful diet combined with a regular exercise program and a positive mental attitude has been shown, time and again, to be the best bet for a healthy lifestyle.
Free 15 minute consultations to answer any questions regarding nutritional programs and how they may work for you. All initial appointments take between 60-90 minutes. This amount of time is needed to obtain an in-depth health and diet history as well as an overall picture of mental, emotional and physical factors affecting your current health status.
Payment Coverage
Nutritional consultation may be covered under some progressive private health care insurance programs. Naturopathic medicine is often covered by extended health care benefits and fees for nutritional consultations with our resident Naturopathic Doctor may be billed and reimbursed accordingly. Nutrition is currently not covered under OHIP.
More Information
If you would like more information on Nutritional Counselling, or would like to arrange a free 15 minute telephone or in-person interview with our licensed nutrition practitioner, please call us at 416-489-8888 or email us at
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Beneficial for:

• Allergies
• Chronic Fatigue
• Digestive disorders
• Fibromyalgia
• Headaches
• Hormonal imbalances
• Pregnancy complications
• Unhealthy weight gain

Nutritional Counselling Programs:

• Weight Loss
• Pregnancy
• Athletic Performance
• Drug Alternatives
• Illness recovery
• Surgery preparation & recovery
• Anti-Aging
• Supplements

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